Rank 5 Guide

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Rank 5 Guide

Post by B~T on Mon Dec 15, 2008 5:39 pm

RANK 5: The Construction Crew
Masterpiece: Craftsman Cottage
100 Nails
1 Cottage Electrical System
1 Cottage Foundation
1 Cottage Plumbing
1 Cottage Roof

-Bur O Crat
-Connie Crete
-Dip Gimlet
-El Ectric
-Ron Roofer

This rank seriously is a pain in the neck due to a construction material (CM) shortage. However, one construction material is getting easier to get now...
This rank fully introduces you to Orange LEGO Bricks.
-Orange Mixing Truck Module - not the best way to get Orange LEGO Bricks, I prefer the GGM. Buy the Digging Fine Receipt on Bur's page for 30 Green LEGO Bricks. Send the DFR to Connie to get the OTMM BP.

_Obtaining the Cottage Parts BPs_

First, buy 4 Form 20-Bs on Bur's page.
Send them to each of the other Networkers (El Ectric, Connie, etc.)
Collect the Apprentice Gallery BPs from each of them.
Make the Apprentice Galleries for 5 Orange LEGO Bricks.
The Apprentice Galleries offer 1 license per 100 clicks depending on the module.
Get the licenses once 100(400) clicks have been... clicked.
Send them to Bur for Permits.
Send the Permits to the respective Networkers.
Collect the Cottage Parts BPs.
You can make the Cottage Roof if you have some spare Lumber from Rank 2 (20), and have 50 nails (explanation below), along with 20 Green and Orange LEGO Bricks.
The other 3 require the oh-so evil CMs, and you need 50 of them.

_Obtaining Nails_

Buy the pet modules on El's, Connie's, or Dip's page for 5 Orange LEGO Bricks.
Build them from 10 Orange LEGO Bricks plus 10 Blue, Green, or Purple LEGO Bricks depending on the pet.
The pets create one nail per day. 20 clicks=1 nail. Limit is 20 nails.
Obtain 150 nails.

_Obtaining CMs_

Note that loose sparks can be won from Concert Modules.

Loose sparks are randomly sent out from Pet Ball Lightning Modules.

Gypsum are randomly sent out from Golem Modules

Pipes are sent from Water Bug Modules.

Once you have 50 of each, build the following BPs
Cottage Electrical System - 50 LS, 20 Orange LEGO Bricks, and 10 Purple LEGO Bricks
Cottage Foundation - 50 G, 20 Orange and Purple LEGO Bricks
Cottage Plumbing - 50 P, 20 Orange LEGO Bricks, and 10 Purple LEGO Bricks

_Obtaining the MBP_

Just buy it from Ron Roofer's page for 30 Purple LEGO Bricks. That's all.

Build the Cottage, and prepare to rock on in Rank 6.
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