Rank 2 Guide

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Rank 2 Guide

Post by B~T on Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:32 pm

*Note* Blueprints will be initialed "BP"

Masterpiece: Giant's Hat
x40 Blue Bricks
x1 Giant
x80 Lumber
x1 millstone
x80 Red LEGO Bricks
-Pel Tonne
-Milly P. Enstock
-Don Brickote

This Rank introduces you to Blue Bricks. There are multiple ways into obtaining them.
-Water Mill Module
-Pet Glitch Rank 2
-Quixotic Gallery
-LEGO Magazine Module Rank 2
-Electric Dam floods
-Wind Mill module
-Sent from Rocket Game Module
If you have spare Blue Bricks, and have at least thirty, you can get
Blue Bricks using the Mag. Module. If you were a Beta Tester, you can
obtain the Glitch Module. If you can upload a gallery picture, but
don't have the LEGO Mag. Badge or Beta Tester Badge, use Quixotic
Gallery Module. If you can't access any of the above, you may as well
get a Water Mill.

_Obtaining Millstone_

Obtain 10 more Honey Pots.
Trade the Honey Pots on Milmano's page for the Millstone BP.
Build one with 25 Red LEGO bricks.

_Obtaining Lumber_

Trade 10 Potted Plants for the T-Square on Bartlebee's page.
Send the T-Square to Milmano via mail.
Collect the Lumber Mill BP.
Build one with 30 Red LEGO Bricks and 1 Millstone.
The Lumber Mill module grows 15 Lumber per day. A lumber is made for every 5 clicks. The limit is 45 lumbers per harvest.
*Note* I'd recommend at least 2 Lumber Mills on your page. You also need 15 more Lumber for a future rank.

_Obtaining Beavers_

Trade 10 lumber on Pel Tonne's page for the Beaver BP.
Build one out of 5 Red LEGO Bricks and 2 Lumber.

_Obtaining Blue Bricks_

Send Pel Tonne a Millstone via mail.
Collect the Electric Dam BP.
Build one for 30 Red LEGO Bricks, 3 Beavers, and 30 Lumber.
Set the module up with 10 Beavers.
The module offers the Water Mill module after 20 clicks. The owner must have a Treason Beaver to click the module. Clicks also trigger a flood to a random friend on the owner's Friend List.
After 20 clicks, harvest the Water Mill BP.
Build one out of 80 Red LEGO Bricks, 60 Lumber, 1 Beaver, and 1 Millstone.
The Water Mill module creates 10 Blue LEGO Bricks per day. 2 clicks = 1 brick. Limit is 35 bricks per harvest.
*Note* See bottom on obtaining Treason Beaver.

_Obtaining way more Red Bricks_

Trade 8 Blue LEGO bricks on Milmano's page for the Factory Rank 2 module.
Build one with 5 Red LEGO Bricks and 5 Lumber.
This module creates an outrageous 50 bricks per day. 5 clicks = 1 brick. Limit is 100 per harvest.

_Obtaining Giant_

Click a person's Quixotic Gallery Module until you receive at least one Heroic Story.
Send the book to Don Brickote in exchange for a Windmill Tilter BP.
Build one out of 8 Red LEGO Bricks and 5 Blue LEGO Bricks. YOU NEED ONLY ONE WINDMILL TILTER.
Use the Windmill Tilter on someone's Wind Mill module to receive the Giant BP.
Build one with 40 red LEGO Bricks and 30 Blue LEGO Bricks.

_Obtaining Masterpiece BP_

For 20 Blue LEGO Bricks, trade them on Milly's page for the Millstone Hurling module.
Build one with 30 Blue LEGO Bricks and 1 Giant.
Set it up with one Millstone.
This module risks a Millstone for a chance to win the Masterpiece BP for the owner and 10 Blue Bricks for the guest. Guest must have a Giant to click.
Wait for somebody to lose, and harvest the MBP (Masterpiece BP).

Build the Masterpiece, and get ready, get set, and GO for Rank 3!

_Obtaining Treason Beaver_

Send Milly a Beaver, and collect the Treason Beaver BP.
Build one out of 5 Red LEGO Bricks and 12 Lumber.

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Re: Rank 2 Guide

Post by MsRowdyRedhead on Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:04 pm

Remember, you can usually win enough blue to build the Quixotic mod by playing the rocket game...

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