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Rank 1 guide

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Masterpiece: The Royal Hive Queen
x1 Drone bee
x50 honey pots
x10 red flowers
x10 worker bees

-Bee Keeper Bill

This Rank revolves on 100% Red bricks.
So how to I get Red bricks?
Red Bricks are created if you have:
-Lego tree module
*Note* You have one in your inventory
-LEGO Magazine Rank 1 module
-Pet Glitch Rank 1 module
-Gallery Rank 2 Module

The best way to get Red LEGO Bricks is to use the Mag. Modules. They cost cheap, and take up only one slot.

_Obtaining Worker Bees_

Trade 5 apples for the Mason Jar blueprint on Henrietta's page.
Make 2 Mason Jars, and trade them for the Worker Bee Blueprint on Bee Keeper Bill's page.
Build them for 4 Red LEGO Bricks.

_Obtaining Red Flowers_

By mail, send one Worker Bee to Flora via Mail.
Collect the Flower Patch Blueprint.
Build it for 15 Red LEGO Bricks, and put it on your page.
The Flower Patch Module grows 5 red flowers a day. It also converts Worker Bees into Pollinated Bees if someone clicks it, and for every click, you gain an extra Red Flower. The harvest limit is 10.
*Note* It is good to have a lot of Red Flowers, because they will be used in future ranks.

_Obtaining Honey Pots (Part One)_

For Honey Pots, find someone with a Flower Patch module and click theirs for a Pollinated Bee. This requires a Worker Bee.
Also, you need a minimum of 6 mason jars for the Hive Module.
Trade 2 Worker Bees on Flora's page to get the Potted Plant Blueprint.
Make a potted plant from 1 Red Flower and 1 Mason Jar.

_Obtaining Honey Pots (Part Two)_

Send one Potted Plant to Bee Keeper Bill via Mail.
Collect the Hive Module Blueprint.
Build it for 20 Red LEGO bricks and 3 Worker Bees, and put it on your page.
Use 1 Mason Jar and 1 Pollinated Bee to set up the Hive Module.
This module grows 10 honey pots a day. If someone clicks the module, you earn 1 Honey Pot for every 15 clicks. The limit is 20 pots per harvest.
Wait 2 days before harvesting so that you won't waste bricks.

_Obtaining Honey Pots (Part Three)_

You can also click someone's Bee Battle Rank 2 and 3 modules, and if you win as a guest, you earn 10 and 20 Honey Pots respectively.
If you are the owner, you receive 12 and 25 Honey Pots respectively. However, they require Better and Best bees to play them, rather than regular ones.
*Note* For information on getting them, scroll down to the bottom.

_Obtaining the Drone Bee_

Send a Red Flower to Bartlebee via Mail.
Collect the Bee Battle Module Rank 1 Blueprint.
Build it for 10 Red LEGO Bricks, 1 Honey Pot, and 5 Red Flowers, and put it on your page.
Set up one Worker Bee on the module.
The owner and guest risks one Worker Bee on this module. If the owner wins, he/she receives the Drone Bee Blueprint. If the guest wins, he/she receives 1 Honey Pot.
Wait until someone clicks it, and loses.
Harvest the Drone Bee blueprint, and build the Drone Bee for 25 Red LEGO bricks.

_Obtaining the Masterpiece BP_

Just trade 20 Honey Pots with Bee Keeper Bill on his page.

Gather up the materials, and welcome to Rank 2! In Rank 2, prepare to travel through Fantasy Land.

_Obtaining Better and Best Bees_

Better Bees:
Send Henrietta 1 Apple Pie.
Collect the Honey Pie blueprint.
Make one Honey Pie for 5 apples and 1 honey pot.
Send it to Henrietta.
Collect the Apple Butter blueprint.
Make one for 10 Apples and 5 Honey Pots.
Send the Apple Butter to Bee Keeper Bill.
Collect the Better Bee blueprint.
Make one for 8 Red LEGO Bricks.

Best Bees:
If you have some Strawberries that you received from someone's Farm Pet Rank 1 module, trade 10 for the Strawberry Jam Blueprint.
Build one for 3 Strawberries and 1 Mason Jar.
Send the Jam to Bee Keeper Bill.
Collect the Best Bee blueprint.
Build one for 16 Red LEGO Bricks.

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