Rank 9 Guide

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Rank 9 Guide

Post by B~T on Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:42 pm

Masterpiece: The Intergalactic Cruiser
x1 Cruiser Command Center
x1 Cruiser Hull
x100 Grey LEGO Bricks
x100 Transparent LEGO Bricks

Basically every other Rank 10 networker with the exception of Grok and the Secret Networkers.

This is the hardest Rank to date. Many have quit this rank, and for the few remaining, they take a WAY long time,and eventually achieve Rank 10. There is one new brick; the Transparent LEGO Brick. To get them, read the post below.

_Obtaining Transparent LEGO Bricks_

On Terpi's page, trade 1 Grey LEGO Brick for the Lightworm Module(LM) BP. Build it for 25 Grey LEGO Bricks, 1 Brachiosaurus, which can be traded on a Rank 5 networker's page, 1 Apple(Don't ask "Where do I get the Apple?"), and 10 Solar Power Cells.
This modules grows 1 Transparent LEGO Brick per day. 1 brick= 25 clicks. The limit is 5 bricks per harvest.

_Obtaining Nebular Crystals (NC)_

On PAL's page, trade 2 Grey LEGO Bricks for the Autominer Bot BP (AB). Build one for just 1 LEGO Brick. Now, you can click other people's mine modules to earn yourself a NC.
On Terpi's page, buy the Nebular Crystal Mine Module BP (NCMM) for a Grey LEGO Brick. Build it for 10 Grey Bricks. You can set it up on your page and wait for clicks to earn yourself some crystals. Limit is 5 NC per harvest.

_Obtaining Thought Interface Controls (TIC)_

Trade a Transparent LEGO brick on Sagitaria's page for the TICBP. Build it out of 10 Transparent LEGO bricks, 10 NBs, 1 HFM, and 1 Heroic Story.

_Obtaining Cyrogentic Sleep Units(CYU)_

On PAL's page, buy a CYUBP for 2 Transparent LEGO bricks. Build it out of 10 Transparent LEGO bricks, 10 NBs, 10 Fairy Dust, and 1 Heroic Story.

_Obtaining Cruiser Warp Drive (CWD)_

Trade a Transparent LEGO brick to Captain Lasse in order to get the CWDBP. Build it out of 10 Transparent LEGO bricks, 25 NBs, and 1 Windmill Tilter.

_Obtaining Cruiser Thrusters (CT)_

Trade a NB with Terpi to get the CTBP. Build it out of 20 Grey LEGO bricks, 10 Transparent LEGO bricks, 10 NBs, and 1 Engine.

_Obtaining more Grey LEGO Bricks_

You can also trade a TIC for the Symbiosis Module BP. Build it out of 10 Transparent LEGO bricks, 10 NBs, 2 CYUs, and 1 HFM.
This module creates 1 Grey LEGO brick per day. 1 Brick=50 clicks. The limit 7 per harvest. If you combine using the symbiosis along with transmuting pools, you will earn a better supply of Grey LEGO bricks.

_Obtaining the Cruiser Pieces_

Buy the Galactic/Stardust Sticker/Gallery/Factory modules with 5 NBs out of these Networkers:

| Type of Module and what BP it awards | Materials for the BP
Captain Lasse:
Galactic Sticker - Cruiser Hull BP(1 Cruiser Warp Drive, 10 Cruiser Thrusters, 1 Cruiser Defense System, and 50 Grey LEGO bricks)
Commander Hobolt: Galactic Gallery - Cruiser Command Center BP(1 Cruiser Stealth System, 1 Cruiser Navigation System, 10 CYUs, 1 Cruiser Communication System, 10 TICs, and 50 Transparent LEGO bricks)
PAL: Galactic Factory - Cruiser Navigation System BP(10 Transparent LEGO bricks, 10 NBs)
The Reckling: Stardust Sticker - Cruiser Stealth System BP(10 Transparent LEGO Bricks, 20 NBs, and 10 Fairy Dust)
Sagitaria: Stardust Gallery - Cruiser Communication System BP(20 Transparent LEGO Bricks, 5 NBs, 10 Microphones, and 1 Platinum Album)
Lilly: Stardust Factory - Cruiser Defense System BP(10 Transparent LEGO Bricks, 10 NBs, and 1 Synth)

(Phew, a LOT of typing there...)

Galactic Modules: 10 Grey LEGO bricks and a NB.
Stardust Modules: 10 Transparent LEGO bricks and a NB.

Get 350 clicks on each module to get the blueprints. Clicks trigger a NB to be sent out to a random person on the person's FR.

_Obtaining the MBP_

Trade 10 NBs on Commander Hobolt's page for the MBP.

Build the Masterpiece, and YOU'VE DONE IT! You reached MLN's top Rank. All that waiting has finally paid off. Onto the DBIM's and the RGM's!! (See Rank 10 walkthrough coming up)

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