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Roddy's weekly update chp. 2 Empty Roddy's weekly update chp. 2

Post by Roddy15 on 5/2/2011, 9:35 pm

Well I'm currently bored, nervous, stressed and tried. Everything hasn't been going to well during the past week. Sunday was nice though as I went to a vintage rally and saw many cool cars, also bought a few things. Anyone with some website that allows pictures to be uploaded in files that would great as I can't be bothered uploading the pictures of the rally one by one.

Boring day, no playstation, no racing

Same thing but played guitar
We'll stop this format here Razz

Basically this week was not what I wanted and to top it all off we've lost our telephone line as a local lorry driver snapped it Rolling Eyes which means our house alarm won't call eircom and eircom won't call the police, our telephones don't work and our broadband is gone. Eircom refused to fix it until tomorrow as it's a Bank holiday and mean there are firefighters, police, doctors and nurses working as we speak yet Eircom don't work and people are happy about that.

Another thing to ruin my week is Sony's severs were hacked which means the hackers know my name, email address, address and possibly my mom's credit card details. The credit card details were encrypted so it should be safe but my mom cancelled the card just in case. This means that I've had no F1 2010 league races for the past 2 weeks but we should be racing again this week but it also means I'll be racing on my bro's communion. (that date was a break but the break is instead the 2 weeks during the outage)

Sunday my cousins came over and my cousin who works for IBM gave me his 2nd internet modem for me to use until Eircom fix the line. He kept saying to my dad who he calls Roddy btw "Do you have any telephone cable because we could splice it and fix it!".
Note: my dad's name is not actually roddy but it's another version of his name.

Today is the last day of my holidays and well probably worst school holiday ever Sad now I have to bare 5 more weeks of horrible sports, stress, tests and decision making aka School!
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