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Post by Roddy15 on 4/9/2011, 11:15 pm

Hey everyone,

School is becoming very stressful, however I've found something to help me have fun and still give me time to finish school projects, come on MLNT and update my blog.

Every Saturday and Monday I'll update my blog.

Every Saturday I'll be posting life updates and "Roddy's Epic Lap" where I show you me playing on a track on F1 2010 for PS3.
Every Monday will be updates on random things plus a little section on how I'm doing on my hobby Razz

So it's Saturday and over the past few days I've been really so busy that it's 12am here already. Over the past few days I've managed to find a spot in a PS3 F1 2010 league. I'll be racing every Sunday and for those that might want to see my car at the start PM me and I'll try to record my start or I'll see if there will be live feed from another driver for the race. I've also got my new McLaren gear and it's pretty sweet! I'm part of the McLaren Membership and I get rewards and chances to visit their base. When they ran out of welcome package gear they sent me a letter saying they will give me the brand new official 2011 gear a team polo shirt and team cap. I got it only on Monday and it's pretty comfortable even though the collar is rather odd looking.
My new online racing addiction though will not reduce my time here it's simply I way to enjoy a Sunday evening.

I also posted my first "Roddy's Epic Lap" which can be found here:
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