General purpose of mln.

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General purpose of mln.

Post by Mark on Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:42 pm

Well in general, the point of mln is to work with others to gain ranks, up to ten.

Complete list of main goals for most users:

Gain rank 10
Get in top ten, top ten gallery, sticker, factory, and soundtrack
Be a featured user.
Get all possible badges

How to reach goals:
Gain rank ten: To long to explain, look at the rank guides.
Get top ten for any of the modules, or over all: Get the most clicks in that catagory, for over all top ten pages, get the most clicks overall.
Featured user: Unkown how to become one, but it is suspected to be given out randomly to any active usre...
Badges: Once again, see the badges guides, I will be making some soon...

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