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Post by Samdo on Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:36 pm

this is my garentee

1 if you find a lower pric i will match it unles....... A. it is a sale B. out of stock C. it is your shop (its not a garentee but most-likely i will)

2. if i do anything wrong (like not enough items or another misconvieniance) than i will try to help you keep your satisfaction

3. i want satisfaction and will try my best to keep my costermers happy and returning when they are in need

4. i will try to get popular items (pipes,gypsums,nebs,totemics,etc) to sell in my store and will try to get you your items within 5 days (if you have a large order that i dont have all the items for)

if you have any questions/comments/or suggestions on my garentees please post here: thank you and have a nice day

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