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Post by Roddy15 on 1/15/2012, 9:01 pm


Recently me and my brother have decided to make a video game series, where basically I get a mash up of recordings of PS3 games and put them together, We'll probably record it on a Sunday and then upload it on a Friday evening. We'll be doing our first episode on the 29th, reason being we are in Dublin next Saturday and I'll be wrecked Sunday. If anyone has maybe their own recording then you can send it to me at my email or upload to a host and I'll download it and if we think it's good enough it will appear as a "Feature Video". Any video game is accepted.

My brother will be covering some MW3 multiplayer and stuff, I'll be doing other things (racing one of them obviously!).

I'll be doing editing using Videowave which comes with our recorder (Roxio Game Cap). It will have music, from my iTunes library (the good stuff is the stuff I like Razz)

Some videos may not be suitable for the younger audience but I'll say which ones are and they'll be going here.

At the moment my channel contains just some tests, some of my season 2 online races on F1 2010 but if you subscribe, you'll know when I have the new series started! Very Happy
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