Mission 14 is live.

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Mission 14 is live.

Post by Sim533 on Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:24 am

Mission 14 is out. Check it out at the Great Minifig Mission homepage!

How to solve it:
At the bottom of the mission you see 4 numbers. Each number represents a letter.

a is 579
b is 1567
c is 39
d is 17
e is 147
f is 14
g is 369
h is 1379
i is 2
h is 34

After you decoded the letter to translate the letters into the Universe language and then you need to put them on the password block. Letter 1 has place 1, Letter 2 has place 2, and so on. After doing this for the four letters you need to push the lock to open it. After opening it, you need to translate the code from the Universe language under the pic to letters and enter the code in the box in the left bottom corner. That's all, now you have another 10 minifigs.

Source: mylegonetworkblog.blogspot.com

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