Today Was The Best And Got Very Wet!

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Today Was The Best And Got Very Wet!

Post by Roddy15 on 4/1/2010, 6:56 pm

Well today,

Got up and well we had to go somewhere staright away we were going to Kilcolley Parish or something like that , to find a relative thats died in 1919. It took 2-3 hours as we were going the "back roads of Ireland" which are very bad roads. When we got there we found the Free Church Of Ireland for the Kilcolley Parish that was the place we wanted. We found the grave and I had to feel the engravement since it was nearly 100 years old. We wrote down what it said and went to look at Kilcolley Abbey it was cool though the goverment had it closed off so we couldn't take a look inside, when heading back to our car we got very, very WET!!! We came home and had pasta. Now off to play LU YAY!!!

I found out over past few weeks that I'm English, Scotish and Irish (mostly Scotish). I also have relatives in Canada.
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