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In front of my computer typing in my location.
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Anything with electronics, guitar, or sports!
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I try to be friends with everyone. In fact I'm probably friends with ALL the active members here. And even some inactive ones. My best friends are probably...

Everyone On Staff Including Barsky, Iconox, Racer, JDG, Lindavz, Korchi, Mwarvik, and SPilo.- Because they Are Funny and Awesome
Darknight101- Cuz' he loves rock n roll!
GHM- Cuz' he's GHM
1legosam- Cuz' he's cool.
Bricksaber07- Cuz' he's cool too.
MsRR- Cuz' she's super nice!
BioK- Cuz' he's just awesome.
HDS- Cuz' he likes hot dogs.
And of COURSE.....
Guest Because that's you!

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My MLN is newjerseyrocks.
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