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Tennisdude's Market Half-off Sale!

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Tennisdude's Market Half-off Sale! Empty Tennisdude's Market Half-off Sale!

Post by Tennisdude on 2012-02-24, 2:57 pm

I'm having a half-off sale! Listed below are the items, how many I have, and their reduced price.

2 Turtles- 20 clicks each
10 pipes- 10 clicks each (claimed)
1 hawk- 15 clicks (claimed)
2 electrical license- 50 clicks each (claimed)
1 roofing license- 50 clicks
5 acroustic gutiars- 5 clicks each
3 electric gutiars- 5 clicks each
72 mantles banners - 2 clicks each
4 circuit boards- 5 clicks each
15 sapphires- 5 clicks each(claimed)
15 rubies- 5 clicks each (claimed)
69 fairy dust- 2 clicks each
15 nebs- 2 clicks each
40 thornax- 2 clicks each

You may buy as much as you want! This sale is for a limited time only though! Smile Any totemic animals not listed above are 15 clicks each.
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