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Roddy's PS3 Live Stream!

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Roddy's PS3 Live Stream! Empty Roddy's PS3 Live Stream!

Post by Roddy15 on 2012-02-04, 6:07 pm


I recently figured out the problem that prevented me from streaming my PS3. I've fixed it and can now live stream the PS3. I'll be doing it now and again and will give a day's notice. Don't really have a day or time which could be free weekly. I'll be giving a full list of games and will take requests. I do have movies on the PS3 but live streaming them is illegal.

You don't need to sign up to anything to watch the live stream but if you wish to chat in the chatbox at the side you do need a account. It will be moderated by me but some nights it won't be child suitable maybe. I'll try keep the games played have as low rating as possible but we've got to have a bit of action sometimes right? Razz
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