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NY, USA, Eastern (Or Western?) I don't remember.)Hemisphere, the World, the Solar System, the Milky Way, the Galaxy!
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MLN is my favorite hobby! PM me your favortie hobby!
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Here are my friends in alphabetical order:

1114tman~ He is a friend who I don't know all that well, but I hope to know him more in the future!

1legosam~ A funny guy and an awesome friend!

2468VS~ An inactive friend from the LMB's who I dont know too well...

adominable_FUZZ~ A nice friend and a great Gmail friend!

Aleideka~ A nice guy who I need to know more!

Alien_Ant2~ A funny guy who loves the alien topic!

anton3291~ A great and loyal buddy who NEEDS TO BE ON MORE!

Beeky31~ A LMB's buddy, and a hilarious friend!

Boxcargirl~ One of my first friends! She's really funny, and want's to help all! Also G-mail buddy who I need to get to know!

BrandiBoy101~ A feautred friend who loves victory banners!

Bugefun~ Funny, serious, and practical! An awesome friend!

codyrocks24~ One of my favorite friends to talk too, and is a Christian and a Homeschooler!

cook199~ My very good friend in real life, but he doesn't get on here very much!

crackers5~ The owner of Pod 1, and I love to talk to him, and is a a Homeschooler!

D3r §H1V3r~ An awesome friend who is a Christian!

darknight1101~ Someone who I need to know more!

flipz~ A great guy to do deals with, and I hope to know him better in the future!

FreddyerHampster~ He has a cool avatar, and I need to know him more too!

greethan~ One of my very good friends! He is in the LMB's, and is very funny!

Iconox~ He belongs to every usergroup that exisists! He is a Christian too!

ladylego234~ My sister, and my very best friend!

LC~ A guy who lost his account on, and was an awesome LMB's guy!

luke01999~ He loves LU, and just joined!

Micah477~ Micah and I are getting to know eachother a little better, but he is funny!

MsRowdyRedhead~ A practical funny friend who always gets on when I am not on!

PyroTurtle41~ Someone who posts a lot in the LMB's, and he just joined!

RacerXtreme5000~ He runs the best store around, in my opion!

roddy15~ An awesome guy to talk to, and he gets on the computer whenever I am not on!

Roxtus~ One of my best friends! He is very friendly, he loves Weird Al, and he is always on MLN team!

Sambo_Bricks~ A friend who just got back from being inactive, he is funny, and I need to know him better in G-mail!

seemefly~ A homeschooler who fly's! See, homeschoolers aren't that crazy! They fly! LOL!

Sim533~ One of my best friends! He showed me a lot of things here, he is very patient, and funny!

Sith Lord of the Shadows~ A mod who just got back from inactivity!

Sloopofwar~ A friend who has lots of posts in the LMB's, and want's to beta test LU!

spiral~ A n00b who just joined, and needs to be on more!

Star Wars Freak~ An awesome friend who is a Christian and a Homeschooler! He is one of my favorite friends, becasue he gave me a very warm welcome when I joined, and he is an awesome G-mail buddy!

Tatoranaki~ Someone who loves green tea! LOL!

techno~ A great friend with awesome avatars, and a cool G-mail buddy!

the person behind you/ Mr. EPIC~ A very good friend who always wants to talk with someone!

Tommy_60~ The biggest poster in the LMB's, and he shares many of my intrests!

verrell123~ A guy with the best avatar ever~

zipster16~ Awesome to talk to, and a great friend! Oh, he also posts a lot in the LMB's!

If you are on my friend list, but not on this list here, please PM me about it!

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