RPG Rules-- Please read before making your RPG!

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RPG Rules-- Please read before making your RPG!

Post by wertquuuu500 on Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:25 am

These are the rules of the member RPG's of MLNTeam:

1. The RPG must have a reasonable purpose. A daisy-picking RPG, for example, does not have an actual purpose. Please make an RPG that is (reasonably!) sensible and will help contribute to activity in MLNTeam.

2. No excessive violence is allowed. By excessive violence is clearly meant shooting, killing, blood and gore, and graphic descriptions of violence.

3. When posting in an RPG, remember to make your post pertain to the general topic of the RPG. There may be incidents happening in the topic that don't have much to do with the original topic, but the overall conversations should be related to the theme of the RPG.

4. If rules 1 and 2 are violated, then the offending RPG will be removed and a message will be sent to the creator notifying him/her that the RPG was removed, and also giving the reason for its removal.

5. Have fun!
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