LOOPS Guide (Updated)

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LOOPS Guide (Updated)

Post by Sim533 on Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:24 pm

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AliensElectronicAsk David Lampton
Ambient 1ElectronicAsk Flora
Ambient 2ElectronicAsk Sagitaria
Ambient 3ElectronicBuy at Jen Juniper's (20 red flowers)
Ambient 4ElectronicAsk Seno Evel
Ambient 5ElectronicBuy at Seno Evel's (1 muffler)
Bass 1Electronic
Bass 3JazzBuy at Izzy Bop's (1 Loose Spark)
Bass 4JazzAsk Captain Lasse
Bass 5ElectronicAsk Tommy Marz
Bass 6ElectronicAsk Lilly
Bass 7ElectronicAsk Grok
Bass 8ElectronicBuy at Terpi's (1 Solar Power Cell)
BeatboxHip HopBuy at Scrap Yard Joe's (10 Red Bricks)
BellsSound EffectAsk Siege Sunder
BirdsSound EffectAsk Achaki
BrassElectronicBuy at Rita Blisstow's (10 strawberries)
CelloClassical Ask Pel Tonne
ChickensSound EffectBuy at Farmer John's (5 Red Bricks)
DrillSound EffectAsk Ron Roofer
DripSound EffectAsk Dip Gimlet
Drum 1Rock
Drums 2Electronic
Drums 3RockBuy at Dolill's (1 Hit Single)
Drums 4Hip HopWin it on the Arcade Module, Rank 1 Module
Drums 5 (1 engine)ElectronicBuy at Vihow's
Drums 6JazzBuy at Achaki's (1 potted plant)
Drums 7ElectronicAsk Dolill
Drums 8ElectronicBuy at Hehewuti's (5 Solar Power Cells)
Electric Guitar 1RockYou start with it
Electric Guitar 2RockAsk Milmano
Electric Guitar 3RockBuy at Milmano's (5 Red Bricks)
Electric Guitar 4RockBuy at Rick Moon's (1 Drone Bee)
Electric Guitar 5ElectronicBuy at El Ectric's (1 Better Bee)
Electric Guitar 6RockAsk Rick Moon
EngineSound EffectAsk Pedalman Wheelie
FireworksSound EffectBuy at Wallus Wizzard's (1 Solar Power Cell)
FluteClassicalBuy at Pel Tonne's (10 Red Bricks
French hornOtherAsk Hehewuti or
Win it from the Concert Module, Rank 2
GongSound EffectBuy at Phantomeme's (25 Red Bricks)
Guitar 1Other
Guitar 2RockBuy at Nadeem Knod's (1 Totemic Feed)
Guitar 3CountryBuy at Manny Arms's (1 Millstone)
Guitar 4CountryBuy at Pall Wall's (1 rough ruby) or
get it from the a Pet Farm Module, Rank 2 (free)
Guitar 5RockBuy at MacRacer's (10 Red Bricks)
Guitar 6CountryAsk El Electric or
Get it from a Pet Glitch Module, Rank 2
HarpOtherAsk Jen Juniper
Harp 2ClassicalAsk Princess Cynthia
Hip Hop Drums with ClappingHip HopYou start with it
KazooOtherAsk Connie Crete
Keys 1RockBuy at Commander Hobolt's (1 Spoiler)
Keys 2ElectronicBuy at Captain Lasse's (1 Philosophical Stone)
Keys 3ElectronicBuy at Prince Pelle's (1 Totemic Feather)
Keys 4RockBuy at Jorn Knuse's (1 Lumber)
Keys 5RockBuy at Pedalman Wheelie's (10 Tires)
Keys 6ElectronicBuy at Kotori's (1 Shock)
LaughingSound EffectAsk Milly P.Enstock
LEGO Universe EmoteSound EffectAsk Prof Brickkeeper
LEGO Universe RoarSound EffectBuy at Prof Brickkeeper's (10 Plastic Pellets)
LEGO Universe Sound 1Sound EffectBuy at Friendly Felix's (4 Plastic Pellets)
LEGO Universe Sound 2Sound Effect
MonkeySound EffectAsk Terpi
Percussion 1ElectronicBuy at Tommy Marz's (1 Rough Diamond)
Percussion 2OtherBuy at David Lampton's (5 Heroic Story's)
Percussion 3OtherBuy at Ron Roofer's (1 Beaver)
Piano 1ClassicalAsk Henrietta
Piano 2ClassicalBuy at F.Stop Clikzgerald's (1 apple)
Piano 3ClassicalBuy at Henrietta's(1 apple)
Piano 4ClassicalAsk Prince Pelle
Piano 5OtherBuy at Dead Letter Postman's (1 Yellow Brick)
Piano 6ClassicalAsk Wallus Wizzard
Rock Drums 1 Rock You start with it
Sax 1JazzAsk Radia
Sax 2JazzBuy at F.Stop Clikzgerald's (5 Red Bricks)
Scratch 1Hip HopBuy at Connie Crete's (5 Honey Pots)
Scratch 2Hip HopBuy at Dead Letter Postman's (1 Yellow Brick)
ShakerSound EffectBuy at Echo's (1 Red Brick)
Simple Bass 1ElectronicYou start with it
Simple Bass 2ElectronicYou start with it
SitarOtherAsk Dr Killroy
SnareOtherAsk Phantomeme
Synth 1Electronic
Synth 2ElectronicBuy at Dead Letter Postman's (1 Yellow Brick)
Synth 3ElectronicAsk Kotori
Synth 4ElectronicBuy at Digger's (20 Red Bricks)
Synth 5ElectronicBuy at Bee Keeper Bill's (3 Red Bricks)
Treaure ChestSound Effect
TubaOtherAsk Farmer John
VibesOtherBuy at F.Stop Clikzgerald's (1 Apple Pie)
Vocal 1OtherBuy at Sandee Starreyed's (1 Rough Sapphire)
Vocal 2RockBuy at Whenua's (1 Red Brick)
WhistleOtherBuy at Radia's (15 Red Flowers)
WhistlingOtherAsk BartleBee
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