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Lego Universe Trailers and News

Post by lindavz on Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:11 am


Here is the trailer for LEGO Universe


Making LEGO Universe has always meant co-creating fun and friendship with LEGO fans, so the LEGO Universe News Network is proud to introduce LEGO Universe Partners, or “LUPs” for short! They’re a community of adult LEGO fans from all over earth that’s been closely partnering with LEGO Universe’s developers on the game’s content creation!

At the recent second annual LUPs event, LEGO Universe’s developers hosted nearly 50 LUPs from six countries for four days of fun, learning and collaboration. Between playing with massive piles of LEGO bricks and having a blast doing building challenges, the LUPs got to learn how to use a digital tool that was custom made by LEGO Universe’s developers.

The LUPs will continue building phenomenal physical and virtual models for LEGO Universe, and now they can mold the gameworld’s solids, liquids and gases to make massively fun environments! Why are the LUPs lending so much of their time and inspiring talent to the co-creation of LEGO Universe?

Here's a video from that event


LU Behind the scenes Video


NetDevil have released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming MMO, which is set in the wonderful world of Lego.

Lego Universe is an upcoming massively-multiplayer online game from NetDevil. It is currently scheduled to launch during the fourth quarter of 2008.

Thankfully, NetDevil recently unleashed the very first teaser trailer for the game to help ease the wait. You can watch it right now by linking to it within the next webpage below:


LEGO Universe's Story and Economy Unveiled

Turns out they start out with nothing and compete in challenges to gain plastic. Maybe obtaining the Lego Universe Plastic Inductor Module Blueprint may be helpful in MLN?


I'm gonna build the coolest freaking castle you've ever seen.

New LEGO Universe details emerged this week at the ongoing GDC 2008.

Lego bigwig Mark Hansen has provided fresh details on forthcoming PC MMO Lego Universe at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

In his speech, titled 'Bringing the brick online', Hansen said there are three pillars to the game. The first is building - but you won't have to do too much of that if you don't want to. "Not everybody is a digital builder but people still like Lego. You'll be building to some level, but you're not forced," he explained. You'll have the capability "to build anything you want, within some constraints" - you won't be able to build a giant model made out of a million bricks, for example.

Read more and discuss it here.


LEGO Universe: 'LEGO Star Wars Multiplied By A Million'


Friday, May 2, 2008
: Report: Lego Preparing Lego Universe Currency, Physical Component

Preparing for next year’s launch of its Lego-based virtual world, Lego Universe,
Denmark-based toymaker Lego Group plans to implement as a pay-as-you-go
subscription service at a “competitive price” for the PC MMO, reports Reuters.

Co-developed by Denver-based studio NetDevil, Lego Universe
will allow users to become “digital builders,” presumably with Lego
bricks. Lego plans to sell the virtual bricks in exchange in exchange
for coins which players earn in-game.

“The more a child plays, they collect more coins and more bricks,”
said Lego Group director of business and development Mark William
Hansen. “The more you play, the more you get to build things.”

Through Lego Universe, Lego Factory, other Lego-based video
games, the company believes it can reach even more people than the 400
million who play with Lego Bricks every year.

Lego Universe will also have a physical component, as users
will be able to order physical versions of their online creations --
which can be put together with potentially 6,000 types of bricks, many
no longer being produced in Lego factories -- to have the delivered to
their door.

Posted by Eric Caoili on May 2, 2008 4:10 PM



LEGO Universe announces upcoming features

by Shawn Schuster May 3rd 2008 at 1:00PM
Filed under: Real life, Business models, Game mechanics, New titles, LEGO UniverseThe upcoming LEGO Universe has recently announced the in-game currency plan they have in store for us. Apparently, you will be able to earn your LEGO bricks by spending more time in the game. "The more you play, the more you get to build things", says LEGO
Group director of business and development, Mark William Hansen. The
bricks will be traded for coins which players earn in-game.

one aspect of this news that we find particularly interesting is the
real-world component that will be introduced. Users will be able to
order physical versions of their online creations to be delivered to
their homes. These aren't FigurePrints of your WoW characters, these are real LEGO bricks -- potentially up to 6,000 types -- for use in producing your game creations.


Lego Universe revamps website and opens the creation lab

by Matt Warner Jul 6th 2008 at 3:00PM

One Lego brick after another, you build for months on end in the Lego Universe.
You want your creation there with you, physically for your fingers to
grapple with. You purchase your creation and an exact replica of every
virtual Lego brick you used to mold your online creation is sitting on
your desk the following week. That's one of the interesting and genius ideas being planned for Lego Universe, and the website for the game was recently revamped and offers new interactive features for Lego fans of all ages.

The one part of the site that stands out is the creation lab. Users can submit their own Lego designs, stories, and even art to help inspire the development team. The Lego Universe
is all about user created content, players sharing their own stories
through the Lego medium, and the site is already harnessing a strong
community. There's also a new Lego Universe logo, and this post that talks about the process the team undertook including tapping into the user submissions and using them as a synergy to get to the final version.

The Lego Universe beta is rumored to start in August and those who sign up for the Lego Universe newsletter
will be notified when signups go live before the news is announced on
the site. Devs, please don't nerf the red bricks in the first patch!

Lego Universe could eventually include Star Wars, Indiana Jones

We recently had the chance to speak with Ryan Seabury, Producer for Netdevil's in-development Lego Universe.
Along with Project Lead Mark Hansen, Seabury gave us an insider's look
at the exciting create/play/explore world of Legos online. The two men
were extremely confident in their vision for the project, and we
couldn't help but be impressed by their passion for bringing this
millions-of-kids strong product to the world of MMO gaming.

us as we talk to Seabury and Hansen about the background behind the
project, and what kind of worlds we'll be seeing. From Castle to Racers
and everything in between, it sounds like whatever kind of kid you are
at heart there'll be something there to enjoy. And, of course, the
exciting news is that it's definitely possible we'll one day see Star
Wars, Indiana Jones, and the other licensed Lego products inside of Lego Universe.

Read on, and be sure to come back for our next interview clip about gameplay!
Continue reading Lego Universe could eventually include Star Wars, Indiana Jones

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Re: Lego Universe Trailers and News

Post by lindavz on Fri Dec 26, 2008 11:59 am

LEGO Universe producer Ryan Seabury sat down with us last week to talk about the future of the massively multiplayer online game. Seabury says that a core group of 50 LEGO users have already started messing around with the game, building in-world models and adding to their own private game maps. Some of that content may even make it the final game when it launches sometime in 2009.

As they work on the game, Seabury says that NetDevil is trying to identify what is "really core LEGO play" and not create a directed adventure like you find in the Traveller's Tales games. In fact, he hopes that the game could get people to do the same in the real world. Right now, it seems that lots of kids buy the pre-packs to make the models found on the box cover. Seabury says playing the game inspires he and his child to actually take their virtual creations and make them with real-world LEGOs.

Seabury also talks about how LEGO Universe will compare to LittleBigPlanet and Spore when it comes to user created content. It's a chunky, though interesting interview if you have the time.

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