My Lego Network Cruiser Parts!

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My Lego Network Cruiser Parts!

Post by Trident on Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:44 am

Ok, here is a guide to get the 3 main cruiser parts: Cruiser Thruster, Cruiser Warp Drives and CSU's (Cryogenetic Sleep Unit)

Cruiser Thruster:
Lightworm for Trans, and some Grey Bricks
Must be Rank 9

Get your hands on one nebular Crystal (You can get them from Galactic and Stardust mods, which send them out, or get a Nebular Mine Mod)
Befriend Terpi and go to his page
Trade him one neb for the Cruiser Thruster Blueprint
Gather up 20 Grey Bricks (Can get from Symbiosis or you can get a P.Robot and use the black bricks on transmuting pools)
Gather up 10 Trans Bricks from your lightworm
Gather up 10 Nebs
Get 1 Engine (Trade Scrap Yard Joe 5 Blue Bricks for 1)
Make your Cruiser Thruster! Hooray! Very Happy

Cruiser Warp Drive:
Must have Lightworm, and must be Rank 9
Befriend Capt. Lasse
Trade him one Trans. Brick for the Cruiser Warp Drive Blueprint
Collect another 10 Trans. Bricks
Gather up 25 nebs
Use that old Windmill tilter you should have lying around
Make the Cruiser Warp Drive.
YAY! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

CSU (Cryogenetic Sleep Unit)
Lightworm, *Fairy Dust, **Heroic Stories.
Befriend PAL
Trade him 2 Trans. Bricks for the CSU blueprint
Gather up 10 Trans, and 10 Nebs
Gather up 10 Fairy Dust and 1 Heroic Story
Ta-Daa! Very Happy Very Happy

Guide by Hidro444

*Fairy Dust is obtainable by using an Alter Ego, getting it sent to you from transmuting pools, or buying it from Wallus Wizard
**Heroic Stories are randomly sent out from a Quixotic Gallery Mod
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