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P.O.S Badge

Post by Trident on Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:10 am

The Badge:
First befriend You-Know-Who (Must be Rank 4+)
Go to their page and do the second trade (1 Red Flower for the P.O.S. Badge Blueprint)
Befriend Jen Juniper
Send her 1 Potted Plant
She will send you the Phantom Orchid Blueprint
Make 1 (1 Green, 1 Purple Brick)
Make the P.O.S Badge
Ta-Daa! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Now, some people confuse the badge with the seal. (You need the seal to click a Gated Garden)
Getting the Seal:
Befriend Flora
Send her 1 Phantom Orchid
Befriend Radia
Send her 1 Phantom Orchid
Befriend Jen Juniper
Send her 1 Phantom Orchid

Each of these people will give you part of the seal

Than send You-Know-Who a Phantom Orchid
They will send you the blueprint for the seal.
Make it (1 P.O.S. seal parts 1,2, and 3 + 5 of each gem)
Ta-Daa! Very Happy

Using the seal:
You need the Seal of the P.O.S. to click a Gated Garden, although you do not need one to create a gated Garden)

Gated Garden: Buy from You-Know-Who for 10 Orange Bricks.
Make for 10 Purple and 10 Green.
Place it on your page. (It is the fastest Orange Brick Grower) Wink Wink Very Happy
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