Guide to get Agori honor badge rank 5.

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Guide to get Agori honor badge rank 5.

Post by RacerXtreme5000 on Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:08 pm

1. First of all go to the bionicle products. Click on Agori and then click on Raanu. He will send you some items and you can be friends with him.
2. Go to Raanu's page and click his top trade module for the thornax module blueprint. Build a few of them and put them on your page.
3. Be friends with Malum. Send him 1 thornax and he will give you the thornax stew blueprint. Click his trade module to get rock salt.
4. Be friends with Zesk send him thornax stew.
5. Be friends with Vorox. Trade him 5 thornax stews and he will give you the stinger oath. Send the stinger oath to Raanu to get the Agori honor badge rank1. Build the badge.
6. Be friends with Tarduk. Click someone's jungle sticker mod to recieve the ancient scroll. Mail it back to tarduk to get the Agori honor badge rank 2 blueprint. Build the badge
7. Go to bionicle products. Click on Agori or Glatorians and click on either Berix or Tarix and click on this symbol located on the bottom right of the screen to get pearls or spear parts you can only get one pearl or spear part per day. (Can do this stage earlier)
8. Be friends with Gresh. Send him a thornax and click on his trade modules.
9. Be friends with Berix and Tarix. Click on Tarix's trade module to get the Agori honor badge rank 3. Build it. Click Berix's trade module for the spear blueprint.
10. Be friends with Metus. Click someone's desert sticker mod to get the desert spring location. Mail it to Metus to get the Iconox's favor.
11. Be friends with Strakk. Click his trade modules. The bottom trade module gives you the Agori honor badge rank 4. Build it. The top one gives you Strakk's seal.
12. Be friends with Atakus. Click his trade module.
13. be friends with Skrall. Click his trade module.
14. Build the ancient spear. (Can do this stage earlier) Send the spear to Tarix to get Tarix's seal.
15. Build the Glatorian contract. Mail it back to Raanu to get the Agori honor badge rank 5. Build it. And you have completed the task.
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