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This is a FAQ SUMMARY of the Questions and Answers from the New Bionicle List and Strategy topic. This is not meant to replace the help area - but only extract the questions so that they are more easily found. I am not as far along in the game, so there could be mistakes. If so, post in the topic below for any corrections.

How do I befriend Raanu?
Go to raanu on, click the glatorian symbol and then send him a Friend Request from his Page

What is the link to Raanu's Page?

How do I get the Thornax Blueprint?
Get the module from his page, and make some to put on your MLN page.

How do I recruit Malum?
Send Malum a friend request, Then send a Thornax to him.

How do you get the Thornax Stew Blueprint?
After you Mail 1 Thornax to malum he will give you the Thornax Stew blueprint

How do I befriend zesk?
After malum send zesk a friend request.

How do I build the stew?
Build the stew with the blueprint from malum using 5 launchers and a salt thing(costs 10 launchers)

Who do I give the stew to?
Make soup and send to zesk.

How do I befriend vorax?
Then you need 5 more stews for vorox(75 launchers)

How do I get an ancient scroll?
Find someone with a jungle module, click his jungle module, and you'll get a chance of receiving an ancient scroll. You'll need it to get the 2nd rank badge.

Who do I send the scroll to?
Send it to tarduk build the badge then befriend tarix and get the next badge!!!

What do you do when you get the stinger oath?
Trade it on Zorox's page / Send it to Raanu.

How do you get the spear items? And how do you get the red pearls?
Visit tarix or berix page on the products section in the bionicle section, but sometimes you may get red pearls, Go to Tarix or Berix page, and you will get fragments or pearls. You can only collect 4 times a day or every 6 hours.

What is the link to Berix or Tarix product pages?

Are there ways to get spear fragments besides the product page?
There is no other can not get the spear fragments through the desert ambush! those are bone hunter blades you win!!!!!!!

How do you befriend Tarix?
Send the scroll to tarduk to get the badge blueprint then, be friends with berix and tarix.

I can't befriend Tarix, therefore I cannot get the badge! What do I do now?
Send a thornax to gresh and click his trade modules to be friends with berix and tarix.

How do I get the third badge!
Go to tarix's page to get the blueprint.

Are the spears tradeable?
The spear is tradeable! The spear parts aren't though.

How do you get the ambush?

Where to get the iconoxes favor?

Can you summarize all of the steps?
Befriend Raanu, trade on his page for the thornax module, befriend
malum, send him a thornax, befriend zesk, get rock salt from malums
page and build a stew, send it to zesk, befriend vorox, trade 5 stews
for the stinger oath on vorox's page, send it to raanu, build the
badge, befriend tarduk, click someone elses jungle adventure sticker
module(the blueprint is on tarduk's page), befriend gresh, send gresh a
thornax, get the contract blueprint off his page, befriend berix, get
the spear blueprint off his page, befriend tarix, build the badge,
befriend metus, click someones desert sticker module to get the desert
spring location, mail it to metus, befriend strakk, trade both modules
on his page, befriend atakus, get atakus's mark off his page, befriend
skrall, get his seal of his page, (while youre doing this, 4 times a
day or every 6 hours go to the products section and be
clicking the glatorian symbol that appears in berix's and tarix's
pages(wait for it to appear), build the spear, mail it to tarix(Im not
this far), get his seal, build the contract, mail to raanu, and i dont know
whats after that

What are the name of the New 2009 Bionicle Networkers?

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