Rank 6 Guide

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Rank 6 Guide

Post by B~T on Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:17 pm

Masterpiece: Enchanted Harp
x1 Electric Guitar
x4 Hypnotic Frequency Machines
x1 Mind Control Emitter
x50 Orange LEGO Bricks
x10 Platinum Albums (Formerly 20)

David Lampton
Izzy Bop
JP Variety
Rick Moon
Sandee Starreyed
Seno Evel
2 Secret Networkers

No new bricks in this Rank. You will encounter a new type of brick once you manage to get to Rank 8. Once, Rank 6 was an arduous Rank when HS were 5 clicks on a GPM, 10 Golds for a Platinum, and the masterpiece required 2100 HS. Now, 550 are needed, and several people made it through the Rank in less than a week. I feel bad for the people who had to pass "hard" Rank 6, especially those who became Rank 7 the day before the change(duhn dhun DUHN).

_Obtaining Musical Instruments_

Surf through the Networkers pages to gather up musical instruments. Be sure to go to the BP page so that you know what modules you are going to have.

_Obtaining Hit Singles, Gold Albums, and Platinum Albums_

First, if you have less than about 40 HS (Hit Singles), trade 1 Yellow LEGO Brick to JP to earn the Solo Performance BP.
Make that module using 1 Acoustic Guitar, 1 Microphone, and 5 Orange LEGO Bricks.
The SPM (Solo Performance Module) makes 1 HS out of 4 clicks.
Try to aim for the GPM, because it deals more HS, and uses less clicks to get HS. However, the CM laid a curse on Rank 6; you need 5 pipes for an instrument for the GPM, and 25 LS (pretty easy now) to get the Alter Ego Module, which isn't required in this Rank, but will be 2-3 ranks later.
Solo: 4 clicks per HS
Duo: 3 clicks per HS
Trio: 2 clicks per HS
Group: 1 click per HS

Trade 10 HS for a Gold Album on JP's page, and 5 GA for a Platinum Album.

_Obtaining Hypnotic Frequency Machines(HFM) and Mind Control Emitter(MCE)_

Trade 1 Yellow LEGO Brick for Starreyed's Autograph on, that should be obvious...
Find the Secret Networker on the item's description.
This isn't just music... It is also a "spy" mission.
Trade the autograph on the secret networker's page for the HFM BP.
The HFM is 20 Orange LEGO Bricks.
Send each of them to all the networkers excluding Sandee, JP, and the secret networkers (there are two)
Collect the BPs or items from it.
Build the Forged Master Codebook out of the supplies the networkers gave you.
Send the codebook to JP to receive the MCE.

_Obtaining MBP_

Trade a Platinum Album to Sandee for the MBP.

Build that fancy harp, and be ready to carve some wood in Rank 7!

Secret Networker(a.k.a. David's Alter Ego) is coded in [20 15 13 13 25 [space] 13 1 18 26] He offers the AE BP for 20 HFM. Build it for 25 LS, 10 Orange LEGO Bricks, and 1 Hypnotic Frequency Machine

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