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Rank 4 Guide

Post by B~T on Mon Dec 15, 2008 4:45 pm

RANK 4: Digging for Bones
Masterpiece: The Jeweled Triceratops
3 Dino Horns
30 Dino Scales
50 Green LEGO Bricks
50 Purple LEGO Bricks
10 Rough Rubies
10 Rough Saphires
10 Rough Diamonds

-Jen Juniper
-Dr. Killroy

This Rank uses all the bricks from the past ranks, with the introduction of Green and Purple LEGO Bricks, and perhaps, Orange LEGO Bricks.

You can get Green and Purple LEGO Bricks by:
-May Pop Purple Popper/Prehistoric Fern
-Dino Bone Sticker/Dino Bone Gallery
-Clicking peoples Pet Bat/Clicking people's Pet Panther
-Dinosaur Pet Module

You can get Orange Bricks by:
-Gated Garden Module

_Obtaining Green and Purple LEGO Bricks (Part 1)_

Trade 10 Yellow LEGO Bricks on each of Jen Juniper's Trade Modules for the plant BPs.
Build the May Pop Purple Popper for 100 Red LEGO Bricks and 20 Blue LEGO Bricks.
Set it up with 2 Red and Blue LEGO Bricks.
The MPPP converts 2 Red and Blue LEGO Bricks into 1 Purple LEGO Brick. 2 clicks = 1 brick. Limit is 10 Purple LEGO Bricks per harvest.
Build the PFM for 20 Blue LEGO Bricks and 10 Yellow LEGO Bricks.
Set it up with 2 Blue and Yellow LEGO Bricks.
The PFM converts 2 Yellow and Blue LEGO Bricks into 1 Green LEGO Brick. 5 clicks = 1 brick. Limit is 15 Green LEGO Bricks per harvest.
*Note* MPPP = May Pop Purple Popper PFM = Prehistoric Fern Module

_Obtaining Green and Purple LEGO Bricks (Part 2)_

When you have gathered a few bricks and a plenty of Dino Scales(which will be explained on the next part), send 1 Dino Scale to Digger and Viper. You will receive the Dino Bone Gallery/Sticker BPs.
Build the Sticker module for 10 Blue LEGO Bricks, 5 Yellow LEGO Bricks, and 1 Dino Scale.
The DBSM produces 5 Purple LEGO Bricks per day. 25 clicks = 1 brick. Limit is 25 bricks per harvest.
Build the Gallery module for 50 Red LEGO Bricks, 5 Blue LEGO Bricks, and 1 Dino Scale.
The DBGM produces 5 Green LEGO Bricks per day. 25 clicks = 1 Brick. Limit is 10 bricks per harvest.
*Note* DBSM/DBGM = Dino Bone Sticker Module and Dino Bone Gallery Module respectively.

_Obtaining the Dinosaur Parts_

Dino Scales: For 10 Blue LEGO Bricks, buy the Protoceratops BP on Digger's page.
Build one for 10 Purple and Green LEGO Bricks.
Click people's Dino Grazing Modules for a chance to win Dino Scales (they are pretty easy to get).
For a better income of Dino Scales, build a Stegosarus. To get one, buy the BP on Shadow's page for 5 Purple LEGO Bricks. <-- No NO!
A WAY MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER WAY of getting the Stegosarus BP is to send Shadow a message saying "No" You will receive the Stegosarus BP FOR FREE. If you say "Yes", he will send you a T-Rex sticker.
Build the Stegosarus for 10 Purple and Green LEGO Bricks, and 10 Dino Scales.

Dino Horns: Send Dr. Killroy a Solar Power Cell, and collect the Dino Grazing Module Rank 1 BP.
Build one for 5 Green LEGO Bricks.
Wait for someone to click it.
The DGMR1 offers you the DGMR2 BP when people click it. When spending 1 Green LEGO Brick, the guest earns 1 scale.
Harvest the DGMR2 BP.
Basically the same thing as DGMR1, except that when people click it, they earn 10 scales spending 3 Green LEGO Bricks and gives the DGMR3 BP.
Build it for 10 Purple LEGO Bricks and 5 Green LEGO Bricks.
Wait for someone to click it.
Harvest the DGMR3 BP.
Build it for 10 Purple LEGO Bricks and 20 Green LEGO Bricks.
The DGMR3 produces a Dino Horn per click. Guests can click the module and earn 5 scales for every 5 Green LEGO Bricks they pay.
On the DGMR3, people don't necessarily have to click it in order to get Dino Horns. It produces them at random days. Collect 3 horns.
*Note* DGMR(Number) represents Dino Grazing Module Rank [number]

Dino Fangs(I don't have their BPs, so there are no "How much does it take to make this" tips: Buy the carnivorous dinosaurs on Digger's and Viper's page.
Build them.
Send Shadow a Dino Scale for the DAR1 BP, an Engine for the DAR2 BP, and a Dino Fang for the DAR3 BP.
Build them.
Ambush guests for Dino Fangs!
Once you get around 40 fangs, build a T-rex for the DAR3.
Once you constructed the DAR3, you only get 1 horn per click. The Grazing Modules are a better deal, so I don't recommed this path.

_Obtaining Rough Gems_

This is one of the reasons Rank 4 is miserable. GEMS. I repeat. GEMS.

Rough Diamonds - These are randomly sent out from the DEM (Dino Excavation Module, remember this)

Rough Saphires - Randomly sent out of DBGMs.

Rough Rubies - Randomly sent out of DBSMs.

_Obtaining the MBP_

Trade 5 Green LEGO Bricks on Dr. Killroy's page for the DEM.
Build one with 10 Yellow and Green LEGO Bricks.
Wait for 500 clicks.
Harvest the MBP.
*Note* It used to be 200 clicks, but now, it has changed. Neutral

Gather up the materials, and prepare to build up Rank 6! If you thought Rank 4 was a pain, just wait until you meet Rank 5...

Finding You-Know-Who
Send Jen Juniper a Potted Plant for the Phantom Orchid BP.
Build 3 of them, and send them to the following networkers:
-Jen Juniper
Once you have gathered up the pieces, you will eventually find Y-K-W's real name on the back of one of the fragments. Go to his page.
You can get a module for 10 Phantom Orchids, mail Y-K-W a Phantom Orchid to get a blueprint, and trade a Red Flower for the badge BP.

If you really want to know Y-K-W's real name, decipher the code [16 8 1 14 20 15 13 5 13 5]
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