Rank 0: The Crimson Apple

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Rank 0: The Crimson Apple

Post by Gir on Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:05 pm

This is more of an easier rank(REALLY easy actually) Here is the Guide:
Step 1: Make sure you have Echo and Farmer John on your friendlist.

Step 2: Go to your Private View And find the "Inventory" tab.

3: Construct 11 Apples using 11 Red Bricks, if you do not have enough
red bricks then you will need to go to the "Page Builder" Tab and look
for the "Apple Tree Module" Once you find it put it onto your page and
then change its colors, if you want to, then hit the "Save" Button at
the top, it will grow red bricks!!!!

Step 4: go to the "Mailbox" Tab and then hit the "New" button you should see something like this

that in the Message section hit the "Choose" Button and find a message
you like. After that go to the "Attachment" section and hit "Choose"
and pick 1 apple to send to echo. then hit "Send"

Step 5: After you send the message hit the "Refresh" Button right near the "New" button as seen in this picture:

Step 6: You should
receive a letter back from Echo, read it if you like and then collect
the attachment(By hitting the "Collect Attachment" button. go back to
you inventory tab and construct an apple pie using 5 of your 10 apples,
then go back to the mailbox and mail it to Farmer John, then hit the
refresh button, read his message and collect his attachment

Step 7: Go to your inventory and construct the "Crimson Apple" and FINALLY your rank 1.

Next: Rank 1: The Hive Queen, Coming soon to to you!

This guide is made by me, Stupendous Man.
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