How to Build the Faction Pets! (From LUN)

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How to Build the Faction Pets! (From LUN)

Post by Soundragon on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:58 pm

(Post Taken from LUN)
In today's How-to-Build session, shared with us by Figmentia, the secrets of building the four Faction Pets have been revealed!


In addition to the four Pets, instructions on their QuickBuild models from the Pet Taming Minigame have also been released! Check below for the links to the PDF's and LDD files - but remember to ask your parents for permission before downloading them! Smile

Assembly Saber-Tooth Cat and Toothbrush:
    PDF Building Instructions
    LXF Model

Paradox Alien Pet and UFO:
    PDF Building Instructions
    LXF Model

Sentinel Gryphon Pet and Treasure Chest:
    PDF Building Instructions
    LXF Model

Venture League Stegosaurus Pet and Palm Tree:
    PDF Building Instructions
    LXF Model

In addition, some extra building tips for the Faction pets were revealed, along with a mention of an upcoming contest!

"If you have a decent collection of LEGO bricks at home, you should have no problems building the Saber-tooth Cat and the Gryphon. Both of these use pieces that are pretty common. The Alien pet might be a little tricky with the red spikes, so try swapping them with white ones, or whatever you might have handy. You’ll be surprised how cool it can look with a rainbow of spikes! Now, the Stegosaurus is the toughest. The green 1x1 plates with tooth (the ridges on the back) can be tricky to come by. Try substituting black for a mottled version!"

"For taming items, the palm tree does require pieces from older LEGO Pirates sets. If you don’t happen to have any, you can use the newer Palm Trees or a stack of 1x1 round bricks instead. Use your imagination and really make these your own."

"So you want even more? Okay, listen up! This is top-secret close attention to the body and legs of each Faction Pet. All Pets are built upon the same basic body and legs as a starting point, though the legs have a few different variations. You will want to practice this and master it, because a very special Building contest will be announced soon! Stay tuned for more details!"

(End Quoted Material)

If you enjoy building Pets, you may also want to enter the upcoming Free Trial Celebration Membership contest next month! I can't say much, though I can tell you they may play a part somehow! (No, it won't be a pet-building contest. Razz)

See you in the Universe!

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