Rev Those Engines for another Fiery Grand Prix! (LU)

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Rev Those Engines for another Fiery Grand Prix! (LU)

Post by Soundragon on Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:12 pm

This weekend's contest is another fiery Dragonmaw Chasm Grand Prix!

It's Kenjin The Wise's 150th Birthday, and minifigures from all across the Universe are welcome to join in the race to help him celebrate with one of his favorite pastimes!

There are also some awesome in-game exclusives, including the Helm of the Mountain King, the Helm of the Blacksmith, and the three Nexus Force Shields! But you have to be one of the top twenty racers who show that they have real fire in their plastic torsos. Razz

Click here for more details! (I had to use LUN since the URL is easier to remember and I can't paste the LUNN original post in iOS 5. Razz)

See you there!
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