Achviement seeker team.

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Achviement seeker team.

Post by JPMI on Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:46 pm

This team is were 3 members will help each other complete a new or hard achievement.

Limited to 3 people unless we can get enough user to make a second team.How to sign up -please put your name for your min fig below.Also please post in you post if you want to sign up for a position.Every week we will work on two goals depending on the size of the achievement.

Current team goal/suggested by jpmi

The first achievement are team will work on is the 300 kill dragon achievement in forbidden valley.

Head coordinator- jpmi
Second in command-
Scribe-(email/pm users when we will be working on which achievement)-
Recruiter-(Try's to recruit more people to this team getting mln team more members and are team)-

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