The Ultimate Faction Guide!

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The Ultimate Faction Guide!

Post by steelersrule12 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 6:03 pm

Okay guys here it is,the official sentinel handbook that will help you. Remember,this post will be edited with much more info and screen shots to give you a real picture of all that you will learn.

FACTION KITS: Okay,the thing you need to know about upping your gear,is buy rank 2 gear first! Although i skipped it and went onto rank 3 as many others have,it's better to go rank 2. This will give you a real good advantage early,instead of having half the the gear if you do rank 3.

Now for rank one it doesn't matter which one you choose,knight,samurai,or space ranger that's coming out. All there abilities are pretty much the same,and DON'T forget to use the helmet ability. It will give you an extra 2 armor in situations,which isn't bad if your grinding in Avant Gardens or Gnarled Forest.

PROGRESSING IN FACTION GEAR: Okay,whether your a knight,samurai,space ranger,or another faction. It is important to get rank 2 gear that doesn't interfere with the rank 1 four piece combo. So for knight and samurai,get the bow/shield first,then the shoulder-pads second. The common mistake for sentinels is to buy gear like the sword,helmet,shirt or pants,but you must keep the rank 1 combo. After you have the rank 2 bow/shield and shoulder-pads,get the rank 2 sword. The rank 2 sword is amazing! It's a 2-2-3 attack for knight,and 2-3-3 for samurai,and is very quick when attacking enemies. It has a special block move which is good for MANY things which i will explain later. After that,get the rank 2 helmet that has a special extra 4 armor power-up. After that,get the rank 2 shirt,then pants.

After you are a fully equipped rank 2,you want to go for the rank 3 shoulder-pads first,not the shield/bow. Why? Because the rank 3 shoulder-pads not only up your stats just as well,but has a great ability. For the knight,attack everything around you for 4 damage. Samurai,you have a flying kick which deals a 4 damage also,but only at one target. After that,get the rank 3 shield/bow which has a 5 damage shield slam,and a 6 damage fiery arrow shot. After that,get the rank 3 sword,then the rank 3 helmet and you will have a 6 armor power-up. Then get the rank 3 shirt,then the pants.

USING YOUR ABILITIES: The common mistake for many users is that they join the sentinel for their high armor,but you need to know as a sentinel,that you have a range of abilities that you must use in order to be a good fighter.

1.(Block move): Okay the common mistake for the sentinels,is that since the rank 3 sword(s) do not have a very quick attack,they tend to use their other 3-3-3 weapons. Which is ridicules! The block move is very useful! In the dragon instance,although you aren't fast enough to block when then dragon slams down,you can easily block the fire ball blasts that deal a 6 damage to you,and the straight fire blast which deals a 2 damage at you repeatedly. You can also block admiral blasts in Gnarled Forest. ALSO,you can block ape slams,so while other players are running away or flying back,you can sit there in your block move and then attack the ape immediately. Also block mech's shots in Avant Gardens and the following blasts in survival,which is also a big life saver. If you are real quick with the block move,and/or have a newer computer to quickly use the block move,you can block horsemen stuns,spider blasts,and even dragon slams. The block move holds up to around 15 damage,so be sure to re-do your block move quickly in situations against larger enemies,or repeated attacks from dragons.

2.(Shield slam): This move is actually commonly used,but underestimated. It is very useful in Avant Gardens for instantly destroying a mech from a distance,or in the dragon instance using it to avoid the fire blast from the dragon when he knocks you back,and hitting the dragon. Also in the spider cave,it's a good thing to jump and hit the spider,hit it 3 times,and then finish it off with a shield slam. It's awesome! You can use it on ronin,horsemen,pirates,and admirals. Be sure you have a clear aim of your target,and make sure not to use it on smaller easy enemies because it takes up 3 imagination. It does a 5 damage for rank 3,and 3 damage for rank 2,so be sure to match up your enemies.

3.(Bow and arrow attack): The fiery arrow is not too much different then the shield slam,it has a 6 damage,but over time,meaning it deals 2 damage every second,which means fire it once,then go and hit another enemy,then collect the loot. It avoids you using another attack and the enemy hitting you while it's dying. The thing with this is it's actually very valuable,it's a VERY common mistake of a samurai to replace this bow with the gem scepter. Trust me,a good ability is better then one plus armor point,especially if you know how to use it right.

4.(Armor power-up): Now if you haven't noticed already,the helmet gives you an ability,it boosts your armor! I couldn't tell you how many times a sentinel knight or samurai has not used this ability when needed. It helps you a lot,and teammates when in survival or the dragon instance. For rank 3 it gives you 6 armor,for rank 2 it gives you 4 armor,for rank 1 it gives you 2 armor. It takes up 5 imagination so watch your imagination counter.

5.(Round-house): For the rank 3 knight,you have a shoulder-pad ability. It is a 4 damage "tornado" around you. It is VERY useful in survival,the dragon instance,and Avant Gardens. If you have a ton of ronin attacking you in the dragon instance,use this ability and it destroys all of them. In the survival when you have stromlings and mechs around you,use it and it destroys all of them which are close to you. It can also be used for other enemies but it is harder to use on bigger enemies.

6.(Flying kick): For the rank 3 samurai you have a shoulder-pad ability. You can jump and attack an enemy in-front of you. This is actually quite useful because you basically fly into the air and attack an enemy pretty quickly. So it avoids other attacks and gets the job done for whoever your attacking. It deals a 4 damage at your target. It's useful in places like survival,Avant Gardens,dragon instance against ronin and the dragon. It can be useful against pirates,but sometimes tricky against admirals,so be careful! In forbidden valley it's good if you know how to use it well,it's a quick move so it will help you a lot if it isn't interrupted.

As a sentinel,you may notice 2 abilities that you get as a combo for having 'such and such' pieces on. One of them is a REALLY great ability,where every time you smash an enemy,you get 3 armor,(2 armor for rank 2's). This is great for survival and other places with smaller enemies to smash while you are facing bigger enemies.

There is also the one where it reduces the amount of damage you take in once you reach 0 armor,which is a good one to keep yourself in there and not get smashed so easily. For samurai you just get an extra 10 armor once you reach 0 armor.-(For rank 3)

Also the one where you jump and attack,and then double jump and attack are also VERY useful. A move that people do not really know,is if you push jump,then jump and alt at the same time,you do a higher jump attack. It's great for rush-in attacks. This move is used with anythink like a sword and lower,longer weapons such as spears cannot do this move.


Avant Gardens is probably a good one for everyone,but the spider cave is really good for the sentinels. The dragon instance and survival is great places too.

The first part of Forbidden Valley is good,but all the other places in Forbidden Valley are not really great for the average sentinel. The horsemen aren't really suitable for the sentinels,because the horsemen all they do is stun you. Other factions have abilities like speeding away,building turrets to fire at them,and separate themselves from the horsemen,and maybe even hitting them from a distance. But when a one on one sentinel goes against many horsemen,it can be tough,not impossible though,that is why i go there sometimes and many others do.You know what they say;"A good samurai horsemen knows his fellow sentinels weakness's."

Both places in Gnarled Forest are okay,it's good and easy to attack both enemies with your sentinel abilities. In other places like the return to the venture explorer,it takes some skill,not a recommended place though.

OTHER TIPS AND TRICKS: As a sentinel,it is sometimes difficult to build your imagination. Since the abilities cost imagination,it's easy to forget how much is on your imagination counter,and sometimes hard to refill in situations. So i suggest getting notion potions or sentinel sodas for building you up if you don't have the fountain of imagination or the drum set,or the boom-box. The yo-ho-ho mug also helps.

In survival or the dragon instance,it's good to have an assembly by your side,a sorcerer,and a long range fighter like the daredevil or space marauder. This way you have someone who can build your armor,someone who can build your imagination,someone who can defeat an enemy long range so you don't have to run all the way to an enemy and get shot all the time,and of course your abilities to help your team-mates.
Or you could just have 3 other sentinels so that you have a HUGE supply of armor! =P

Unlike most factions, your Rank 1 specialty choice makes a BIG difference in Paradox. Space Marauders and Sorcerers have two completely different playstyles that WILL affect where and how you can grind for tokens. Sorcerers are team-based medics and ranged fighters, while Space Mauraders are killing machines who can take and give a lot of damage but canít heal well or boost their teammates. They are also more suited for melee combat, so keep that in mind when choosing. The Shinobi have not been released, but I will cover them when they are released.

Sorcerers are medics. Their abilities are more suited for support and healing. They are also ranged fighters; their weapon has a range the same as the imagination pistols without using Imagination; however, the staff is a bit slower to fire than most projectile weapons, and the autotargeting does strange things with it. This, combined with the Sorcererís forgettable armor stats, essentially means that, for a Sorcerer, close-range combat=death. All of a Sorcererís abilities are designed around keeping the enemy at range so you can deal with them using your staff.

The Staff: this is by far the most versatile weapon in the game. Ranged weapon? Check. Decent damage? Check. Great damage/imagination ratio? Check. Useful charge-up ability? Check. Wide-range, decent damage area attack?! CHECK, YEAH! (sorry, couldnít resist.) At Rank 3, the staff does 2/3/3 damage, and the last hit does splash damage, like a firecracker. Better yet, the hits cause enemies to flinch, which means they arenít getting closer, and they arenít using their ranged attacks on you. Better yet, however, is the double-jump attack: double-jump and hit Alt in midair, and you will slam to the ground and release a wave of energy to damage and knock back enemies. And of course, you can use your charge-up to restore Imagination to yourself and allies around you at the cost of 1 Life per use-VERY useful for Sentinels and Assemblies on your team.

Maelstrom Breath (hat): This is, essentially, a super-powered BBQ Blast hot dog you carry around on your head. Itís not the flashiest of abilities, but it costs little Imagination and can clear out groups of enemies swarming you, and it gets the job done faster than the staff. It also does 16 damage, enough to one-hit a Ronin or Admiral or take a substantial chunk out of Horsemen.

Dark Thunder (orb): This is the first thing you should buy on your way to Rank 2. Why? It knocks large groups of enemies back, allowing you to dispatch them at range with your staff. At Rank 3, itís still your best friend: not only does it get everything short of apes and dragons off your back, it actually deals 10 damage from the extreme force! Now thatís what I call (left) handy!

Last Blast (Rank 3 shoulderpads): This is what makes the Sorcerer stand out as an exceptional combat medic. The Last Blast takes a whopping 10 Imagination, but it COMPLETELY recharges the Imagination of you AND your teammates, AND it deals 13 damage to all enemies in a wide area!! Not to mention that the shoulderpads give +2 Armor, +2 Imagination, and +1 Life, which are essentially the same stats as Mega Chest Armor/Powered Armor (+3 Armor +2 Imagination). Remember, though, it has a long cooldown, so make each use count.

Dark Inspiration (4-item bonus): This is a bonus Assemblies WISH they had: restore 3 Imagination every time you smash a Maelstrom enemy. This means, essentially, that you have unlimited Imagination as long as you are in Faction equipment (and you keep on smashing). Itís not AS useful as it is on the Space Maurader, though.

Brainstorm 2 (5-item bonus): Another reason Sorcerers make great medics: every time you smash a Maelstrom enemy, EVERYONE on the team gets a small (Rank 2) or medium (Rank 3) amount of Imagination. Thatís invaluable to pretty much everyone.

Space Marauders are fighters, but theyíre not as great as Sentinels. Basically, theyíre there to deal a bunch of damage with their abilities, then run away and get someone to heal them. Sentinels have a couple of healing abilities, which makes them a bit more survivable than Space Mauraders; however, in teams, Space Marauders are VERY hard-hitters, with many ways of dealing damage. Their gun causes knockback and does area damage, but unlike the sorcerer, itís not a long-range weapon. Remember, get in there, and hit Ďem hard and fast, then let your teammates heal you.

The Blaster: As mentioned, the blaster is a short-mid range weapon that causes splash damage and knocks enemies back. Not just flinched, KNOCKED BACK. Itís really useful against anything movable (that is, anything less than an Ape), just beware Admirals (you can easily shoot them out of your range, but youíll still be well within theirs). Like the Sorcerer staff, you can use the charge up to charge Imagination at the cost of 1 Life per use. Note that the double-jump attack does NOT do an area attack like the Sorcerer; HOWEVER, it does shoot a blast straight under you, causing you to hover in the air for a moment. Itís not that great for platforming challenges, but it IS useful to, say, avoid touching the ground when surrounded by enemies. Or just to look cool.

Plasma Bomb (Helm): This is, essentially, a reusable Firecracker. Itís a basic attack, but it deals 9 damage at Rank 3, has a fast cooldown, and hits a fairly wide area, not to mention it does not take much Imagination. Use it after a full combo of blasting with the blaster to finish off foes that are just out of your range.

Maelstrom Rockets (Launcher): This is the Space Marauderís long-range attack. Each attack launches two rockets that deal 9 damage each, and they have about the range of a Sorcerer Staff attack. Use it to hit the Exploding Treasure Chests in Gnarled Forest, or to strike Spiderlings at a distance, before you hit them with your close-range attacks. Though there is splash damage, autotargeting often means the rockets will track to the enemies sitting alone.

Cluster Strike (Shoulderpads): This is the big one. Use it, and youíll leap in the air, drop eight bombs, and drop to the ground. Each bomb deals decent damage, but more importantly, it hits everything in a wide area, and can take a substantial chunk of armor off normal apes when aimed properly. So why do I prefer the Sorcerer shoulderpads? One, these shoulderpads do not heal Imagination; two, these have ATROCIOUS warmup and cooldown. Worse, if you are hit during the warmup, it will cancel the move, but the cooldown still takes effect. Donít get me wrong, itís a great ability, but itís terrible against quick-hitting mobs. Save it for the apes!

Dark Inspiration (4-item bonus): Like the Sorcerer, Space Marauders restore 3 Imagination every time you smash a Maelstrom enemy. Since your attacks eat Imagination fairly quickly, itís very helpful; more Imagination = more time dealing damage before you have to heal. Itís particularly useful if you like to use the rockets, as they have a relatively low damage/imagination ratio; imagination regeneration helps this a LOT.

Scanner (5-item bonus): Shows the location of dangerous enemies and collectables on the mini-map. Helpful in theory, but really, youíll likely have most flags and Imagination bricks by the time you hit Rank 2, and youíll DEFINITELY know where the tough enemies spawn on each world. Really, this is only useful to find the treasure chests from Johnny Thunderís missions, or on Crux Prime.

PROGRESSING IN FACTION GEAR: As Steelersrule12 wrote in his Sentinel guide, you want to avoid messing up your multi-piece bonuses when you buy new equipment, especially if youíre a Sorcerer (as they need every heath/armor boost they can get). At Rank 2, get the Orb/Launcher for the special ability, followed by the shoulderpads. From there, if youíre a Space Marauder, get the helm, or get the staff if youíre a Sorcerer. The Space Maurader Helm upgrades your Plasma Bomb ability, and the Sorcerer staff outclasses every other ranged weapon in the game. Next, buy your Sorcerer Hat or Space Marauder Blaster, followed by your shirts/pants in whichever order you prefer.
Once you hit full Rank 2, go for the Rank 3 shoulderpads, so you can get their special ability. Otherwise, follow the same order you did for Rank 2.

USING YOUR ABILITIES: The common mistake for many users who join Paradox is that they because Paradox has ďdark outcastĒ feel, they assume they work better solo (or, worse yet, other playersí attitudes force them to do so). However, Paradox are actually BUILT for teamwork; in fact, compared to most factions, Paradox are at a DISadvantage in 1-on-1 fighting. As a Paradox, youíll have to make some friends in order to be a good fighter.

Since Paradox is so slow compared to other factions, Avant Gardens is not a favorable place for Paradox. Low-rank Sorcerers will struggle against Stromlings that swarm them and Mechs that attack from range, while low-rank Space Mauraders will be overwhelmed quickly by the Spiderlings. If you really want to fight here, have a Sentinel ally or two on hand to draw enemiesí attention.

Gnarled forest is alright, but since youíre so slow youíll really want to team up with friends, otherwise you wonít be able to compete with them for enemies. You might be alright trying the Maelstrom Trench at night, when fewer players are on, but Brig Rock is particularly brutal without backup. A Venture ally is particularly useful here; they can hit enemies fast and wear them down, while you finish them off.

Forbidden Valley really is the Paradox home world. Ronin are an easy mark for Space Marauders, while Sorcerers have some nice advantages against dragons. Both specialties can grind horsemen, just donít let them gang up on you. Even here, however, allies can be extremely helpful: Sentinels for dragons and Ventures for ronin and horsemen. Assembly Engineers are helpful all-around for their armor healing, and Summoners for keeping ronin and horsemen distracted.

OK, a warning: do NOT wear your Paradox faction gear in Return to the Venture Explorer. Now that the Dragon Tooth has been nerfed, you are nowhere near fast enough to take on the enemies solo, and since Return is solo only, you will suffer in your faction gear. Combine your Left-hand weapon and Shoulderpads with other equipment and a fast weapon to stay alive.

Crux Prime is virtually impossible to take on alone, even for Assembly players. Paradox is no exception. Youíll want a Rank 3 member of each Faction to face this challenging world. Some example combos: for mob fighting in Caldera Mar, a Paradox Sorcerer (you, medic), a Venture Buccaneer (distractions and support), an Assembly Summoner (tank with distractions), and a Sentinel Knight (mobs tank with armor buff); for fighting dragons or Roo Morg, a Paradox Space Marauder (you, tank), a Venture Daredevil (fast tank), an Assembly Engineer (tank with armor medic capabilities), and a Sentinel Samurai (buffs/support). (For a general adventuring party, a good mix would be Paradox Sorcerer, Venture Daredevil, Sentinel Knight, and Assembly Engineer, combining two kinds of medic support with two solid tanks.)


Stromling: 1 Life/0 Armor-(Easy to kill with any attack)-Located on Avant Gardens.
Chainsaw Stromling: 4 Life/0 Armor-(Easy to kill with 2 hits)-Located in survival, after around 6 minutes.
Hammerling: 4 Life/0 Armor-(Annoying little buggers. They move fast, hit hard, and can attack from range. Hit them with missiles or a Dark Thunder. Maelstrom Breath is also helpful.)-Located in Survival, after about 12 minutes, In later waves of Battle of Nimbus Station, and on the Return to the Venture Explorer.

Maelstrom Mech: 4 Life/0 Armor-(Hit them twice, or just use an ability.)-Located on Avant Gardens.
Corrupted Sentry: 9 Life/0 Armor-(Your left-hand or hat ability will take care of these for you.)-Located in the Venture Explorer.

Dark Spiderling: ? Life/? Armor-(Attack from range, then close in with your hat ability. Do NOT engage more than one at a time!)-Located on Avant Gardens.
Elite Dark Spiderling: ? Life/? Armor-(Be sure to clear out all the surrounding enemies first, then open with a Last Blast or Cluster Strike. Back off and use your ranged abilities, and finish with another Last Blast or Cluster Strike.)-Located in the Return to the Venture Explorer,

Stromling Pirate: 8 Life/0 Armor-(If youíre a Sorcerer, lure them to the treasure chests, then hit the chest from a distance; otherwise, use your hat ability to clear out groups.)-Located on Gnarled Forest.
Stromling Admiral: 12 Life/0 Armor-(Hit from range if youíre a Sorcerer; if youíre a Space Marauder, open up with your missiles, then finish him off with blaster attacks. Either way, be sure to keep moving to avoid the other enemies.)-Located on Gnarled Forest.

Dark Ronin: 12 Life/0 Armor-(You can use the same strategy as with Admirals, or Sorcerers can lure them in close and wipe out groups with Maelstrom Breath or a Last Blast. Do NOT try a Space Marauder Cluster Strike, they will cancel the attack nine times out of ten.)-Located on Forbidden Valley.
Maelstrom Horseman: 21 Life/0 Armor-(Open with your hat ability, then finish with your left-hand ability.)-Located on Forbidden Valley.

Maelstrom Ape: ? Life/30 Armor-(Run close to trigger the chest-thumping, then retreat and attack from range. Lather, rinse, and repeat. When he pulls up bricks, trigger the chest-thumping, retreat out of range and build the anchor. Space Marauders can deal a lot of damage to him while heís stunned., and may be able to solo him in a round or two even without using the anchor.)-Located on Gnarled Forest.

Maelstrom Dragon: ? Life/250 Armor-(Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. Sorcerers, attack from range, but focus on healing your teammatesí Imagination. Use Dark Thunder or a Last Blast to deal with swarming Ronin. Space Marauders, get in close and hit the dragon with everything youíve got, then retreat and let your allies heal you. Cluster Strikes are not recommended, though, unless your are SURE you are clear of Ronin. )-Located on Forbidden Valley.

Invaders: The Invader enemies have much more health and do much more damage than their ordinary bretheren. Use a similar strategy, but be ready to retreat and heal often. Again, really try to work together as a team.

(To be Continued!)

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Re: The Ultimate Faction Guide!

Post by steelersrule12 on Wed May 18, 2011 12:00 pm

Okay i am updating this at the moment,check this often in the next few days,i am making big changes.
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