TTF (The Top Fighters) LU

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TTF (The Top Fighters) LU

Post by ~-Kodi-~ on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:39 pm

This is now not pending! Very Happy That was quick! Only 20 minutes! pending on LMBs just to tell ya'll.

This is the TTF! (The Top Fighters)
There is only 11 spots available

I am the Big Wig leader of them all.
1 Sentinel co-leader
1 Venture league co-leader
1 Paradox co-Leader
1 Assembly co-Leader

2 Sentinel Warriors
2 Venture Explorers
2 Paradax Insiders
2 Assembly Builders

Note: Everyone fights But there are assainments.

You have to be a Full rank 3 in one or both things in your faction.
Our meeting spot will be at 10 Central Time at the Beech in Gnarled Forest, by the gear vendor, More instructions will be told later. Now Sign up quick! Very Happy The spots may fill up pretty quick! Very Happy
There will also be a EXTREMLY TUFF Test. Wink Almost FORGOT!!! My LU name is Kodi. Very Happy

People Pending:


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