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SupremeCommanderSturmBlog - The Seventh Post

Post by SupremeCommanderSturm on Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:47 am

Hay u guiz

I woke up really early today. Around 4:30am. O.o

Today I am going to go to school (OHMYGAWSH :O) to enroll for my 8th grade year (oh ok :0).

I went post crazy today, dominating the Latest Topics feed and rising to number 1 poster of the week. I hope to become the number 1 poster of the month, and eventually the top poster. It'll take a LONG time to beat Samdo, though.

A few days ago, I voice-chatted with Samdo, his brother, and his sister over Windows Live. They're HILARIOUS and insane. XD I didn't say much though, I always feel really awkward in voice chats. So I played random music instead, and made weird explosive coughing noises. Razz

If you want to talk to me on windows live, click the button thing at the bottom of my post with the people on it, that says msnmm or something like that. Razz

I'm switching to a new, shorter book to read for my summer project. HOORAH!

Send me a message for a free piece of pie. Razz

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